The Factory


And now, for the first real update post.

Up to this point, the game has never really had a set in stone plan for where it would take place, or even who the main characters would be. Yes, we would simply say things like, "…and then the hero guy will go after the big bad guy to some town or other…" Now, we are finally trying to establish a setting and make some decisions that we will stick with.

For instance, we've been sticking pretty close to the idea that the game will begin in a mine (newb zone, which will be skippable), and the real story will start in an industrial sort of town (level 1 zone). Knowing this, I have started to work on the industrial town, via a factory.

Now, neither Chris or I are artists, which means that coming up with ideas are a bit tedius as I need to model/semi-texture/light every idea that we want to try. Thankfully, the factory seems to have made it through the initial idea stage without too many hitches.

factory exterior

factory interior

It's still bare bones at this point, but little by little I'm working my way through some smaller assets. I also started working on a robot that will be the main enemy throughout the factory scenes.


Obviously not finished yet, but you can probably get the gist of where I'm going with it.

And lastly, I started working on a conveyor belt yesterday that ended semi-miserabely. After attempting to rig up the in-scale version of it that will be running the entire length of the wall of the factory (some 70 blender units), I realised I should probably prototype it, or redesign it to work in chunks, as the full length one crashed blender. (oops). So, I started on a super simple prototype, and didn't quite make it to fully-working completion.

conveyor progress

The rig by itself works fine. The cog spins nicely with the rig. And the belt works not at all.

This will be what I will be working to complete today.