a bit of success


After trials and tribulations, we have had some success! This success is in the shape of having finally gotten a model, with textures, to import into the engine and display properly. Yippee! Yes, it's a static model, but it also has 5 textures.

The trials started when I got the grand idea to use blender's group feature. I would make a model, then put it in a group so that I could design a level with just instances of that original model. Works great in blender! On the other hand, trying to export instances of models gives you absolutely nothing. So, I reworked the model so that it was as simple as possible, all the meshes joined, and the textures uv mapped happily. Now I have a basic factory exterior to work with in the engine. Yay. (Screenshot is in the works… who knew? print screen doesn't work in our engine, so a bit of code is required to grab an image of the viewport)

On a different front, I had a bit of fun with some music over the weekend. I was frustrated with import/export crap, and was ready for something a little more rewarding. This is still certainly a work in progress, but I think it carries the vibe we want for the industrial town.